Resolutions and Thoughts for 2023

Last day of January, can you believe it?!  We decided to debut our blog with some resolutions, or things to think about as you continue to move through this year.  Written by humans at Stamps and Sons, not AI (in case you were wondering, though truly, zero shade to AI, we will for sure explore it for our business).

We are checking in. How's your 2023 going so far? Still in alignment with your greater goals? Or are you finding yourself aimlessly going about your day-to-day tasks and signing up for every grow-your-business! offer that lands in your feed or inbox?

This year, vow to return to your why with intentional actions, and taking the time to savor exactly where you are in the present moment.


Here are some of our own thoughts in support of your amazing year of growth and impact!

Refine your brand

Branding is the heart of your business. It’s about peeling the layers back. It’s about defining what you want to impress on others when they see your business. Consider these questions:

  • What do I want my brand to represent?
  • What do I want my customers to know when they see my brand?
  • How can I use these answers as a guide for every action I take in my business?

A brand is more than just the color and design of your logo. It is the foundation of your business and a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.  Branding is one of the very first things that go from an intangible thought in your mind to a tangible print in real life! And remember, don’t be afraid to evolve. You are never the same business as yesterday. 

Digital Marketing

Social media is essential for growth and increasing the visibility of your business.  It also provides first-hand information about your target customer, trends, and other kinds of stats necessary for marketing strategies. 

There is no need to be everywhere. Pick a couple of channels and be consistent in engaging with your audience. Always keep in mind: what is in it for my customers? and create content that speaks to them. 

Competitors are Teachers

When another business gives you the run for your money,  just remember that competitors are the best teaching tools.  Take time to observe what they are doing well and if it makes sense for you, model it, but make it your own.

We all get complacent at times when we are the rulers of our space, so enjoy that fire they put under you and ask yourself the following:

  • Is my business still in alignment with my bigger picture?
  • Is my output and customer care still excellent?
  • Is there anything I have been meaning to do and keep putting off? 
Resist the urge to compare yourself to your competitors, but do thank them for existing as a way to keep you fine-tuning yourself and your business. 

Empathize and Prioritize the Customer Experience

The customer experience starts with someone first finding your business, making a purchase, and then continues on with the follow-up, value, and care you provide from that point on. 

The easiest way to know what your customer is potentially experiencing is to test your own process, as a customer, from start to finish. Take notes of things you loved and didn't love. Here are just a few to consider:

  • How quickly were your questions answered by your customer support and if you are the owner and operator, do you need to hire support?
  • How visible is your business on your chosen social channels? Is it time to consider a social media manager to help increase your business' visibility?
  • Where were the hiccups, if any, especially in the ordering process?
  • When you placed an order, did you receive a follow up email with your tracking link?
  • Can your FAQ be improved?

Check both your strong and weak points to ensure a customer’s experience is pleasant and easy. A poor experience can be a tough thing to bounce back from.

What can you do to enhance your customer’s experience this year?

Invest in Yourself 

Make your business better by investing in yourself. Keeping yourself fresh and relevant by exploring ways to grow what you already have starts with you.  Investing in yourself is a mix of learning and self care and can look like:

  • Learning a new thing like email marketing basics.
  • Hiring support.
  • Setting boundaries with your time and adhering to a schedule that nurtures you, your team, and your business.
  • Spending time to personally engage with your customers.
  • Stepping up your appearance.  Even if you do work from home, this allows you to step into the energy of a leader by simply dressing the part. 
  • Keeping a list of your wins.  Even the smallest of wins provides great momentum to keep going. Reviewing this list regularly allows you to see how much you have already accomplished.

Your business starts with you. And the business grows along with you. 

And finally...

Just Start

Do not let things overwhelm you from taking your first step.  Between fear, expectations and all the ideas you have, it can be challenging to just start.  This quote is credited to Marcus Tullius Cicero who was a Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, philosopher, and academic skeptic…

“More is lost by indecision than wrong decision. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. It will steal you blind.”


And we cannot agree more. Start with that first step. Take ugly photos. Use the first iteration of a logo even if it’s not to your standards yet. Model your mentors. Just start.

And so here is the start of our perfectly imperfect blog. We hope this serves you in some way and we will continue to do our best to provide some useful reads! 

Cheers from our team!